Company History

For over three decades, Fazio Construction has cultivated an impeccable reputation for their masterful craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, exceptional personal service, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This unwavering dedication has garnered them a loyal client base spanning two generations, as well as the highest esteem within the industry. The roots of Fazio Construction, as it is known today, can be traced back forty years ago to the family furniture business on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills. Reflecting on those early days, Gino Fazio warmly recalls, “The lessons we learned about business during that time were invaluable, particularly in our interactions with people.”

Inspired by their parents’ work ethic, keen eye for detail, and generosity of spirit, Gino and his brother John found exemplary role models right within the comfort of their own home. The valuable experience of apprenticing in the family furniture business sparked Gino’s fascination with seeing a project through from inception to completion. “From the initial cut to the assembly, followed by sanding and finishing… the most rewarding part was witnessing the owner’s reaction.”

As time passed, the Fazio family’s business in Forest Hills naturally evolved, encompassing home improvement projects, minor repairs, and renovations. This expansion ignited a fire within young Gino, fueling his ambition and paving the way for a successful career in the construction industry. Sharing the same vision, John joined forces with Gino, and together they now own and operate Fazio Construction Group, LLC.

Ever mindful of their parents’ core values and drawing inspiration from the service-oriented teachings of the Marist Brothers at Archbishop Molloy High School, Gino combined his newfound passion for construction with a formal education. He enrolled in the construction management program at Pratt Institute, seizing the opportunity to obtain a degree in a field that had few formal educational paths in New York at the time. Gino’s Pratt diploma served as a key that swiftly unlocked doors for the young entrepreneur.

Years later, Gino welcomed his younger brother John into the company, who had also melded his Marist education with a formal degree from C.W. Post. Many industry experts assert that it is the unique blend of the Fazio brothers’ practical experience and formal education that often grants them a distinct advantage in their field.